Reinventing the Newsroom

About Me

I am a freelance writer, editor and consultant based in Brooklyn, N.Y. I can help you as a writer or editor, coach writers, or assist your organization in thinking about ways to reinvent itself for a world in which consumers increasingly find news and information through the Web and social media.

From 1995 until 2008 I worked at The Wall Street Journal Online as a reporter, columnist, section and special-reports editor, blogs guru and general projects guy. I was frequently the editorial person in the room when tackled workflow issues, new designs, new business ideas and changes to its editing-and-publishing software. (Like a lot of things in life, I fell into this role more than I chose it.) Before, I cut my journalism teeth as an intern at the Fresno Bee and the New Orleans Times-Picayune. My love of journalism goes back to nights of paste-up and X-Actos at my weekly high-school newspaper.

After the Journal, I spent more than a year as the Web evangelist for EidosMedia, a supplier of cross-media editorial platforms for news organizations. My specialty at EidosMedia was talking with news organizations’ editors about workflow and ways to adapt their publications to the changing digital world. I also worked with Eidos’s developers on R&D for new product features, taking a particular interest in support for social media.

I started consulting for Journalism Online in May 2010.

In my free time I co-write the Mets blog Faith and Fear in Flushing and write Star Wars stuff. You can find out more about me at Or contact me at, friend me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter at jasoncfry.

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